The Cunning Crow

 LOGO Cunning CrowThe Cunning Crow: Your best source of local, multiverse, and planetary news in Umbra, Central British Columbia.

The Cunning Crow is a fantasy fan-fic creation, reporting on fantastical news from a city hidden just outside Kamloops, BC. I created a helpful guide, Explanations to Help Understand the World are located at the end of the publication, and citations/sources are here.

I really hope you enjoy the world I have created! I aim to create a few of these papers, but it will take a while between each issue as I am still learning to write better and use photoshop AND I have a new baby.

I have uploaded it to Issue, from there you can flip through it like a newspaper/magazine or download it.

If you would like to be SUPER AWESOME FABULOUS you can help support this publication by ordering art prints here.  They are the ads that I created for the newspaper as stickers or art prints.

Follow me at my writing Twitter handle @TrishFibs or on The Cunning Crow Facebook page.

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